Further south on the Sunshine Coast, sign clutter is plain to see.
Further south on the Sunshine Coast, sign clutter is plain to see. Contrbuted

Noosa urged to put prams ahead of A-frames by councillor

PRAMS should take precedent over prime advertising devices on Noosa's streets that are already abundant with al fresco diners and dog walkers.

That is opinion of Noosa's Councillor Brian Stockwell while endorsing the council push to ban A-frames and limit building signage "clutter” that will be now put out for public consultation.

Speaking at the Cooran ordinary council meeting, Cr Stockwell said:

"We used to allow one of them (A-frames) but if you walk along most streets, not Cooran, Cooran's has very responsible shop owners, you'll see some shops put out two, three, four... and you've got prams weaving in and out.”

He said council was saying "let's make it the same rule for everyone, let's make the footpath for our pedestrians, let people, eat and drink and walk their dog”.

"Let's not have to compete with signage - that is probably going to be the most controversial aspect of this.

"I'm sure we're going to get lots of feedback.”

Cr Stockwell said the good thing about this is "we're living in a shire where the debate about signs is whether it's four metres (maximum building signage) or four metres or zero or one A-frames”.

He said this would be unheard of in every other council along the east coast.

"The fact that everyone expects Noosa to be different.”

Mayor Tony Wellington said this is very much about the look and feel of Noosa that includes an historic import that "we should be honouring”.

He said the signage enforcement under the amalgamated council "tended to slip a bit”.