Patricia Petersen has been targeted by opponents.
Patricia Petersen has been targeted by opponents.

Noosa shows its angry underbelly in mayoral race

SOMETHING, it appears, is not quite right in Noosa.

The bitterness, disrespect and outright anger mayoral candidate Patricia Petersen faced at a community candidates' forum last week is out of step with the Noosa we know.

Claims of swearing and spitting at Dr Petersen as she tried to greet people arriving for her debate with Noel Playford are hard to believe.

Yet, what was most surprising during Noosa's de-amalgamation campaign earlier this year was the level of bitterness and bile.

It was palpable.

Passion and strength of mind had been hallmarks of Noosa councils.

It meant Noosa became a leader among the state's local authorities, fighting to keep a sustainable environment in a beautiful part of the world.

The forced amalgamation of the Coast's local authorities - Noosa, Caloundra and Maroochy - in 2008 never showed the benefits promised under the Bligh and Beattie state governments. Rather, it stripped away council assets and watered down the say of ratepayers.

Noosa was always going to be among the former Queensland councils that would agitate to become a single entity again.

While being passionate about your village is commendable, incidents like these make even the best of places look like a redneck wonderland.