Noosa councillors not cutting any colour tape to still deliver sound budget.
Noosa councillors not cutting any colour tape to still deliver sound budget. Alan Lander

Noosa residents are $100 better off

AN INCREASE of 1.8per cent in Noosa Council's minimum general rate has kept it below the LGAQ Cost Index price of 2per cent, Mayor Tony Wellington was pleased to point out at Friday's budget meeting.

The increase takes the rate to $1122, but a $10 rise in the Environment Levy plus a $7.50 annual increase in the three-bin waste service takes the total cost to $1569.50, or $1513.40 with the early payment discount.

This is a rise of $36.50 a year, 70 cents a week, for an overall rise of 2.5per cent.

About 64per cent of Noosa properties are on the minimum general rate.

Compared with Sunshine Coast Council's announced equivalent rate total of $1612.64, Noosa is now almost $100 a year cheaper.

Cr Wellington said the rise remained small despite the council's proposed increases in service and staffing levels, a 2.5per cent pay rise to staff and a $28million capital works program.

"Furthermore, our minimum general rate increase is just 0.3per cent above the CPI for Brisbane, which is 1.5per cent,” he said.

The $10 Environment Levy increase is slated to pay for the council's proposed takeover of Noosa River management from the state, once approved, and also for voluntary conservation agreements and Land for Wildlife programs.

The Mayor said financially the council was sound.

"To say that this council is in good financial shape is to state the obvious. After all, we have just paid down $10million from our historical, relatively high-interest debt.

"And in keeping with our financial sustainability policy, we have again budgeted for a small surplus in 2019-20, as well as meeting all three of our financial sustainability ratio targets.”