‘Start with a bang, finish with a bang.’ Richard Hansen from Impact Presentations.
‘Start with a bang, finish with a bang.’ Richard Hansen from Impact Presentations.

Noosa MC recalls ‘hideous’ presentations

WHEN some people think about public speaking, they are faced with feelings of dread, horror and panic.

In fact, when the majority of us are invited to give a speech at a funeral, we would much rather be the one in the coffin.

Owner of Impact Presentations, Richard Hansen has been helping people speak in front of groups and improve their visual presentations for mroe than three years.

"I had been doing presentation coaching but the visuals were being left out like you wouldn't believe," he said.

"Talk about death by PowerPoint.

"That's where I started bridging the gap between verbal and visuals."

But Mr Hansen wasn't always at the top of his field, and he recalled some of his earliest, more embarrassing memories of presenting.

"I look back at some of my first ones and think, 'oh my god'," he said.

"The visuals were hideous."

After his initial, less than ideal attempt, Mr Hansen sourced avenues where he could improve his presenting style.

"I went to Toastmasters and ended up winning the District Humorous Competition," he said.

"Then I did stand up (comedy) after that."

Mr Hansen confessed performing stand up comedy was "one of the most challenging things" he'd ever done.

But it was also one of the most effective.

"The feedback is laughs and you get that straight away," he said.

"You can't fake that.

"There is no question it makes you a better presenter."

The host of the recent Noosa Chamber of Commerce Meet the Candidates forum, Mr Hansen believed a good presenter was less about how well they present and more about demonstrating their passion.

"The two things I look for is, does what they're saying attract attention and does their message get straight to the point?" Mr Hansen said.

"Start with a bang, finish with a bang."

Mr Hansen will present the upcoming Ignite Talks Sunshine Coast event.

An Ignite talk is made up of five minute presentations where speakers provide 20 slides that automatically advance every 15 seconds.

This results in a short talk that is loaded with ideas.

As the Ignite slogan states, 'enlighten us, but make it quick.'

Ignite Talks Sunshine Coast will be held on Thursday, March 26 from 6.30pm at the Land and Sea Brewery.

For more details and to purchase tickets go to the website.