Sue Dunlop
Sue Dunlop

Locals caring for elders and people with disabilities

20 years ago, a relocation from Sydney to Noosa was to be more than just a sea change.

Not long after arriving, Sue Dunlop saw an opportunity to provide casual staffing solutions to the Coast aged care and hospital sites.

From the family's Noosa Heads dining table to eventually building the service to an award-winning State-wide provider of agency staffing, Sue was grateful to have the beauty and peaceful backdrop of Noosa to operate her business from and raise her family in with husband Tom.

The business drew attention of national purchasers and sold in 2014, Sue exiting two years later, to take a very much appreciated break.

"The first year I've had off since joining the workforce at 17, I worked all sorts of hours around having our 3 daughters!" 2017 became what Sue termed 'sueandtomtakeagapyear'.

"Tom and I saw the Northern Lights, hot air ballooned over Turkey, island hopped in Greece, watched motorbike racing on the Isle of Man - it has to win the "best year of my life" award!"

Now fresh and clear-minded from the break, Sue has launched home care and disability support business, 101 Care Assist. It's a business that serves our local community with the same heartfelt personalised attention Sue applied to her ever-growing previous business.

Surrounding herself with experts in the form of nursing, quality and care coordinators, Sue is drawing together a caring, professional team of care and assist workers to deliver services in people's homes.

"I believe that the greatest honour is in providing service to others. If you know how to, why wouldn't you deliver a service you're capable of delivering?"

"In 2013 my dad, Jim, was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma after doctors found a large brain tumour. He started having serious seizure episodes resulting in emergency trips to hospitals, then loss of memory, and he got weaker.

"I had run a nursing agency for 13 years, but when it's your own family member in distress, and dad was clear about what he wanted and didn't want to do, I felt a little like we were on an island alone. There was a gap in services available for dad with everything changing so quickly."

"He had been living alone with his dog; he was only sick; so wouldn't consider residential care. His short-term memory issues had him incredibly confused by so many doctors and services calling him, rather than calling me for treatments, assessments and appointments.

He cancelled all appointments. He "wasn't having a bar of it!" I had just decided to take a leave of absence from our business, leaving it to husband, Tom, our daughters and team to run, so I could care for dad myself, when he suddenly passed away, 6 months after initial diagnosis."

101 Care Assist is currently fee-for-service, and the list of services provided include supporting people with disabilities and the elderly with personal care, medication prompting, respite care, social visits and outings, escorting to special occasions or on holidays, personal assistance with household paperwork and technology, cleaning, cooking, gardening, from 1 hour to 24 hours a day.

101 Care Assist is about making the care and assistance services work seamlessly, respectful of our clients' desires, whilst also communicating with the family and health professionals, and utilising technology to keep everyone informed of the services being provided."

101 Care Assist is contactable on 07 5455 5869, email: For more information, visit our website:; or on facebook: @101careassist.