Noosa jobs to be decided on merit

THE 510 staff transferred to the new Noosa Council will be on equal footing for whatever number of jobs is ultimately required, Transfer Manager Peter Franks says.

It was announced last week that 424 full-time equivalent staff would be transferred north by Sunshine Coast Council, which is allowed by de-amalgamation legislation to shift a maximum of 450.

However that number actually represented 510 people in full, part-time and shared position arrangements, Councillor Tony Wellington confirmed.

Mr Franks made clear that it would not matter from which local authority those staff had come.

"They will all be treated fairly," he said.

"Positions in the interim structure will be allocated purely on a merit basis.

"I know there is a rumour that only ex-Noosa Council staff will be appointed and I would like to dispel this.

"What is needed is an organisation staffed by people who have the necessary skills and importantly are committed to delivering high quality services for the community."

Mr Franks said developing the interim structure and allocating people to positions was a priority.

"I hope to be able to indicate to all transferring staff what the future holds for them by the end of November," he said.

Noosa and three other de-amalgamated Queensland councils go to the polls on Saturday to elect mayors and councillors.

They will begin acting in their own right from January 1 next year.

On Thursday night in State Parliament, Member for Noosa Glen Elmes said it was a day long coming.

"This is the end of a very long journey for my community,'' he said.