Kym Spoehr will be released from jail tomorrow.
Kym Spoehr will be released from jail tomorrow.

Noosa Christmas Day rapist released from jail

The Christmas Day rapist who kidnapped, tied up and repeatedly violated a Japanese tourist in Noosa National Park almost two decades ago will be released from jail on Thursday.

Kym Spoehr will be supervised until August 12, 2025 once he is released.

Spoehr, 68, was jailed in 2003 after he hit the woman over the head with a piece of wood before dragging her to his bush camp where he tied her to a tree.

Spoehr, then 49, shaved her pubic hair and held her captive for several hours, raping her seven times during the night before eventually letting her go.

He served 14 years in jail for the rape, but returned to jail after he hit another prisoner in a housing precinct with a piece of wood.

Brisbane Supreme Court Justice Peter Applegarth agreed on Wednesday that Spoehr could be released from custody on a supervision order.

Spoehr told an earlier hearing that he didn’t need a supervision order.

“I screwed up badly and I paid a big price for it,” he told the court.

“I would like to get my life back.”

Justice Applegarth had told the court it was difficult to determine whether Spoehr should be released as the trigger for the sexual offending had not been explained satisfactorily.

Spoehr said it was his untreated psychosis that led to him committing the rape and medication had made a “world of difference.”