RUNNER-UP: Dave Schloss and his team-mates at GeoQuest.
RUNNER-UP: Dave Schloss and his team-mates at GeoQuest. Contributed

Non-stop race is the toughest for Schloss

DAVE Schloss has done his fair share of adventure races but has not hesitation in calling GeoQuest the toughest.

The 38-year-old and his team-mates Damon Goerke, Rob and Kathryn Preston finished second in this year’s edition of the race in 25hrs43min39sec.

The Thoughtsports/ ShotzNutrition outfit was about 16 minutes behind Sydney-based unit at Port Macquarie.

The Mountain Designs event was spruiked as the ‘ultimate test of your physical and mental limits’, to see whether teams can complete the course in 48 hours and to see which team can complete it first.

“It’s a big juggling act by the competitors to get to the finish line,” Schloss said.

“The reason why I call it the toughest is that it’s long enough it pushes you through the first night and maybe into the second night but it’s short enough that you can’t have a sleep.”

Wurtulla’s Schloss has done more than 20 adventure races so is qualified to comment.

“I’ve done a number of 10 day-day races where you’re grabbing a half-an-hour or hour sleep wherever you can whereas this one if you stop for half an hour the race is all but over.”

So there is essentially no resting at all, even for eating, which is done on the run.

“You have to psyche yourself up. It’s just mental thing, I break it down and go one leg to the next. so if I’m on the bike I think I just have to get to the end of that leg and you when I start paddling a kayak I think I’ve just got to get to the end of that leg. I never look at it as a 250km race.”

Schloss is bound for the XPD Adventure Racing World Championships in New South Wales in November with the Prestons and New Zealand’s Glenn Currie.

He qualified for the 600km, seven-day event by winning the Australian leg in Townsville last year.

He’s had two previous attempts at the world titles, failing to finish on both occasions because of an ill team-mate.

There will be more than 100 teams and he’s aiming for a top-10 result.

“You’ve got four people from different backgrounds, we’ve all got family and kids, work commitments and training so to be fit and healthy at the start line is a good start and then anything can happen,” he said.

“We’re all about seeing the place (Shoalhaven) too. Even though you’re totally sleep deprived its amazing what you can remember.”