Bored at home? Well, you can’t go to the beach to hang out with friends under the latest government restrictions.
Bored at home? Well, you can’t go to the beach to hang out with friends under the latest government restrictions.

No, you can’t go to the beach with friends

EXEMPTIONS for leaving your house do not include a day at the beach or in town, for residents or visitors, says Member for Noosa Sandy Bolton.

“There are clear National and State mandates, which are simple – people must stay at home,” she said.

“We are receiving reports today that are not ‘okay’, from anyone’s point of view.

“Noosa is a very welcoming place for visitors, but not during this pandemic.”

Ms Bolton said that while there are exceptions for leaving your home, “activities such as sunbathing, taking a Thermos of coffee to sit by the river, or a picnic in the hills – regardless of number – is not within those exemptions anywhere”.

She said it was important to understand the exemptions, which are:

for work or education (if you are unable to work from home)

for essential supplies such as groceries and medication, you must return home without delay

for personal exercise in your own neighbourhood with your family or one other

attending medical appointments or compassionate visits

For those inquiring regarding accommodation exceptions, there are some special circumstances for Noosa residents who need to self-isolate, our frontliners who may not be able to return home, and those Noosa residents that have been displaced from their normal home, Ms Bolton said.

“For anyone unsure, please pick up the phone and check with 13HEALTH, or if you cannot get through, call Tourism Noosa, Noosa Council or my office.

“I realise this is hard, and for many may seem excessive,” Ms Bolton said.

“However, this is to stop the spread of COVID-19, and the quicker we can do this, the quicker we can all get back to our normal lives and help our businesses to recover.

“If that is not enough reason for you to do right by our community, then consider the fines that now apply.”

Queensland police have been given the power to issue on the spot fines of $1334.50 for individuals and $6672.50 for corporations that refuse to abide by directives, with the MP office receiving numerous complaints from concerned residents that people are simply not complying.

“The last thing we want to see is residents to be fined, or for all our public parks and beaches to be closed because some among us refuse to heed this advice.

“Please everybody, remain home.

“If you need to go out under the exemptions, keep that 1.5m, and restrict to exercising with just one other. We can do this”

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