Action from the Noosa Outrigger season opener held in perfect conditions.
Action from the Noosa Outrigger season opener held in perfect conditions.

No more smoke on the water but all fired up in outriggers

IT WAS a glorious day, warm and with a hint of summer in the air when the Noosa Outrigger Canoe Club hosted the first OC1/OC2 Regatta for the Southern Queensland Zone 2019 racing season.

The wind was kind with the wind coming from the south, which made the beach at Noosa absolutely glorious with no surf break to speak of, enabling paddlers of outrigger canoes, singles and doubles, V1s (single outrigger canoes without rudders) and surfskis to launch without drama but also to enjoy the bumpy conditions in the open ocean via Noosa Heads to Sunrise Beach and back.

As always safety is paramount and the club was delighted to receive the support of our voluntary Coastguard in their vessels which are based at Munna Point. In addition many club members were to be found on the water on jet skis and IRBs ready to assist anyone who got into trouble.

The races were run under the auspices of the Australian Outrigger Canoe Racing Association and offered a series of races so there was something for everyone.

The day kicked off with the long course of 16km, which was completed in about 2 hours. Noosa’s own representatives featured well in the results with John Goller first in the Senior Master Man OC1 division, Flea White and Pascale Hegarty first in Master Women OC2, Bodo Lenitschek and Martina Gerdemann third in Senior Master Mixed OC2, Phil Bensted and Peter Braden first in Senior Master Men OC2 and Des Mabbott second in Golden Master Man OC1.

Following the long course it was time for the Juniors and Novice paddlers. The Novices and U16 group raced over 6km, the U14 group over 4km and U12 group over 2km. All these races were held in Laguna Bay and what a wonderful sight it was to behold.

In their first ocean OC1 race, Noosa U12 Juniors did exceptionally well with Koby Blue in first place, Lochie Brown in third and Adler Lenitschek, who is only 9 years old, putting in a great effort especially as this was his third race of the day!

Noosa Minnows (U10s) battled hard and finished within seconds behind Bayside on the river in the OC6 Minnows division which was run twice over a kilometre course. This team consisted of Jake Blue, Livinia and Oscar White, Jack Heraud and Adler Lenitschek.

After the Junior racing, the final race of the day was the short course of 8km which consisted of a 2 lap course from Laguna]=a Bay with a turn at Dolphin Point.

Noosa was well represented in the shirt course with results including Tim Burger fourth in the Master Men OC1 division, Glenn Alvsaker third in Senior Master Men OC1, Sue Alvsaker and Nicola Cameron third in Senior Master OC2, Wendy Mabbott second in Golden Master Women OC1, Raquel Blue second in Master Women OC1, Di Arbuckle first in Platinum Master Women OC1, and Elizabeth Henley in Platinum Master Women OC1, who in her first individual race gave a gritty performance. Ted Baker our para athlete won the top spot in in the Golden Master V1 division.

Overall, a great day of racing with the weather reaming fine all day. Not to be overlooked, while all the racing events were happening on the water, other club members were busy on shore helping with the organisation of the day.