No hit from Fonterra scare, says Air NZ

AIR New Zealand chief executive Christopher Luxon says his airline has not suffered in China from the Fonterra botulism scare but says the incident is a wake-up call for all New Zealand companies.

"I think there were some initial concerns in the first few days about damage to the New Zealand brand and the reputation of New Zealand. They have completely dissipated and at no point have we seen any loss of momentum in our business out of China. In fact as we look forward we've seen continuing strength of our bookings," he said after announcing the airline's $182 million profit. Air New Zealand flies daily services to Shanghai.

The scare was a warning for all New Zealand businesses, he said.

"What I would say that it's a really good wake up call and a reminder that just one company or one individual frankly can impact all of us at New Zealand Inc - I'm very hopeful and believe that all of us will use this as a great opportunity to learn some lessons...and improve the way we operate offshore," said Luxon.