No agreements with gaming operators to run GKI casino

GREAT Keppel Island's proposed casino developers have had discussions with one of Australia's major gaming operators - but have not entered into any agreements.

Keppel MP Brittany Lauga tabled letters from casino operators Crown and Echo to Queensland Parliament on Wednesday night during a debate on introducing "offshore boutique" casino licences.

The LNP proposal to introduce the licences was voted down by the government and crossbench.

During the debate on the motion, Ms Lauga said she was in regular contact with resort developers Tower Holdings as well as gaming operators.

Ms Lauga said Tower had confirmed they would begin a scaled-back development without a casino.

"Tower Holdings representatives said that if they did not get a casino licence they would start work on a scaled-back version of stage one of their planned development. I argue that they need to start that now," she told parliament.

In a letter Ms Lauga tabled from Echo Entertainment, the gaming developer confirmed it has spoken to Tower but no agreement had been made.

"I can confirm that Echo Entertainment Group has spoken with Tower Holdings, however we have not formed a partnership. No agreement has been discussed or signed by Echo Entertainment Group in the project proposed by Tower Holdings," the letter read.

A letter from rival casino operators Crown said they had not had discussions with Tower and would not look to develop a Great Keppel Island casino.

"I can also confirm that such an opportunity does not currently fit within our business plans and strategy," the letter from Crown said.

Opposition Leader Lawrence Springborg, who moved the motion, said a small offshore casino licence could benefit not just Great Keppel Island but other islands.

"This will be nowhere near the same magnitude as Crown Casino in Melbourne or our other onshore casinos in Queensland," he said.

"We are talking about a boutique casino licensing opportunity that may not necessarily only benefit the likes of Great Keppel Island but also potentially other places up and down the Queensland coast as well."