Peter Till, pictured in 2010, will face court on Thursday for a bail application hearing.
Peter Till, pictured in 2010, will face court on Thursday for a bail application hearing.

Nimbin cannabis campaigner to fight for bail

BAIL will be sought this week for cannabis campaigner Peter Till, who told a judge he had been "sh**ting blood for a week" and had received "no treatment" in jail.

The Nimbin identity is charged with serious drug offences after police raids found hundreds of cannabis plants at a Mountain Top property in March shortly after he allegedly posted a video of himself on Facebook at a cannabis plantation.

Till, who through his defence asked to be referred to as the accused not by his given name, interrupted court proceedings to tell of his ailing health at the Baywater Correctional facility.

A group of Till's loved ones in the gallery watched on as Judge Dina Yehia was quick to cut him off before he asked her: "can I finish?" to which she answered "no, please stop sir". 

Till's defence were told to present medical papers pertaining to his health issues for his bail application hearing set for Thursday.

The fast-tracked bail application came after Till appeared on Monday morning with his matters listed for trial. But medical reports provided to the court resulted in Ms Yehia to rule a fitness inquiry be held to determine whether Till is medically fit to proceed.

Despite Till's defence maintaining he was medically fit, Ms Yehia cited the two medical reports by two different doctors that questioned Till's medical fitness and suggested he may suffering from a mental illness such as schizophrenia.

She ordered the inquiry to be held on November 22 with both doctors to give evidence. The date was the earliest the inquiry could be held because one of the doctors was overseas.

Ms Yehia ensured the inquiry would be held at the earliest opportunity because she said it was "a matter that should proceed as quickly as possible".

Till has been behind bars since he breached his bail conditions the day after his release in April when he allegedly posted on Facebook he had "heaps of cannabis in town today".

He has yet to enter a plea to any of the charges, which include: cultivating a commercial quantity of cannabis, supplying an indictable quantity of the drug and two counts of drug possession.

Till remains in custody until the bail application on Thursday.