YOUR LETTERS: We need ways to break family violence spiral

WITH two women a week, on average, being murdered during domestic violence disputes, the #Hands Off articles you are running, are a positive necessity.

It is one thing to become angry, but to repeatedly lash out at a partner habitually, is beyond comprehension for most of us.

Even without the addition of legal and illegal drugs, it is totally inappropriate behaviour.

If we have apparently come so far with our civilization and there is such a wealth of education and information available, how is this still occurring and why the discrepancies against women, girls and children?

It has been proved violence can be a generational issue and once involved in a cycle of violence, it is perpetuated through habit.

Perhaps the deeds of marriage and unions (whether civil, religious or de facto), need to be re-drawn so at the first hint of physical violence, each side understands the future ramifications should it get out of hand.

There has to be a satisfactory method of breaking this devastating spiral into violence which can ultimately result in death.