STARTING OVER: The Katie Rose Cottage committee has secured a new property.
STARTING OVER: The Katie Rose Cottage committee has secured a new property. Amber Macpherson

New beginning for Katie Rose Cottage

A GENEROUS benefactor is donating a property for use by the Katie Rose Cottage committee for a new hospice in the Noosa hinterland.

Original founder Sue Storey and former hospice volunteer Carol Raye announced at the "disastrous'' public meeting last weekend they will forgo negotiations with the Sunshine Hospice board and set up their own community hospice.

Ms Raye said the new hospice will be up and running within a "number of weeks”.

"We're already in the process of it, we're two-thirds of the way through setting up the Katie Rose Cottage,” Ms Raye said.

"Sue (Storey) owns the name and the new company will own the name. It will be operating within a short space of time.”

Ms Storey said the new hospice will run under a model similar to Katie Rose Cottage before the board of directors took over.

"We will start as we were, with the Katie Rose Cottage model, which is a home away from home,” she said.

"This will go back to how it was run, how it operated successfully for a number of years.

"It will give people what it was giving them before at Katie Rose.

"We want it to be successful, we can't say 100% that it will be, but we really believe we have the community behind us, and people will be respected and treated and cared for exactly the same.”

Ms Raye said the new hospice will follow structured guidelines.

"If it's managed correctly, it shouldn't fail. Our entity will be clear and transparent,” she said.

Ms Storey said the most disappointing part about opening the new hospice was that palliative care medical equipment was locked up at the Doonan site.

"All the medical equipment, all of the drugs, everything, is locked away, and we can't use it.”

A financial member has reported the Sunshine Hospice attempted to donate a ride-on lawn mower to the Noosa Men's Shed.

The Noosa Men's Shed declined the offer.