Federal Member for Fairfax Ted O'Brien.
Federal Member for Fairfax Ted O'Brien. Warren Lynam

Need to accept differences not denigrate them

THE LNP member for Fairfax has "blasted the bureaucrats for scrapping gender from Queensland driver licences, describing it as an attack on Australia's culture and way of life" (Daily, January 16).

Queensland is the last state and territory to simplify its driver licences in this manner.

So why is Mr O'Brien tub-thumping about political correctness?

Has it proved detrimental throughout the rest of the country?

Coincidently, my new driver licence arrived yesterday and, apart from the awful but recognisable photo, it has all the information needed to verify that I am indeed the person so-named for identification purposes.

Thanks to modern technology, the embedded microchip can be scanned to access full details as provided with the renewal application i.e. height, gender, etc. if further proof is required by authorities.

As we approach Australia Day, we should be reflecting on what makes our country a great place to be and our values as a nation rejoicing in the fair go and welcoming to all.

We need our community leaders and representatives to be inspirational and positive to bring us all together in harmony.

We do not need divisiveness and scaremongering.

With the many challenges we face as a nation we need to accept our differences and not denigrate them.

As quoted in the article, former state Labor candidate for Ninderry Bill Gissane said: "Nations grow and prosper when they bring people together, not drive them apart".


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