Name and Shame: Repeat drug driver takes significant steps

WARREN James Bird has handed his bankcard to his sister after he was busted drug-driving twice this year.

Bird, 45, pleaded guilty in Rockhampton Magistrates Court on Monday to the two counts.

Police prosecutor Shayne Studdert said police intercepted Bird on March 14 at 3.20pm and he tested positive for methamphetamines and again on June 15 at 11.48pm.

Defence lawyer Samantha Legrady said Bird realised meth had taken over his life for some time so he had given his sister his bankcard, destroyed his SIM card and mobile phone to reduce temptation.

"He has been clean for some weeks,” she said.

Magistrate Jeff Clarke said he was impressed with Bird's "significant efforts” to rid his life of drugs with family help.

Bird was sentenced to an eight-month probation order and disqualified from driving for six months. Convictions were recorded.

Ainsleigh Louise Ross had a blood alcohol content level of .051 when she was intercepted driving along Anthony Drive, Tannum Sands, at 8pm on June 23.

She told police she had two full strength schooners of beer and one schooner of light beer in the three hours before driving.

Ross was disqualified from driving for one month with a restricted car and motorbike licence granted.

She was also fined $450.

No conviction was recorded.

Nathan Robert Dove had cannabis in his system when he was intercepted driving along Bolsover St, Rockhampton, on July 2 at 8.15am.

The 30-year-old jeweller told Magistrate Jeff Clarke he had recently given up smoking after 10 years.

He was fined $600 and disqualified from driving for three months.