People caught with a pet rabbit face fines of up to $44,000 and six months jail.
People caught with a pet rabbit face fines of up to $44,000 and six months jail.

MY SAY: I have to agree, sometimes the law is an ass

IS IT just me or does everyone agree with Abraham Lincoln, the best way to get rid of a bad law is to enforce it?

Dubious laws have been in the news this week.

Yesterday we heard about a 19-year-old Coolum man who was fined $200 for not having his driver's licence with him on school pick-up.

Cody Murphy was fined because he is a P-plater. People with an open licence have 48 hours to produce their documentation.

I thought laws were all about reasonably managing risk in the community, not tricky devices designed to punish people for being young.

On the radio we've been inundated with people unhappy they aren't allowed a pet rabbit in Queensland.

Again, it's a law I can't really see the point of.

People caught with a pet rabbit face fines of up to $44,000 and six months jail.

Do you think rabbits should be legal in Queensland?

This poll ended on 21 October 2016.

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Yes, this law is silly.


No, they'll do too much damage.


Owners with a license should be able to.


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Vets we have spoken to say pet rabbits wouldn't survive a night in the wild and therefore pose no threat to our environment.

It could be worse though, if you're harbouring a ferret in Queensland you could cop a $60,000 fine.

If your pre-school or charity holds a casino night and decides to print some "funny money" for guests to play with, the fine is $73,000 or three years in jail.

Remember in 2005, the Howard government decided the security guards at Parliament House in Canberra should not use the word "mate" when addressing politicians or members of the public.

The ban lasted 24 hours.

Soon after in the Northern Territory it was decided that politicians were not allowed to call each other "buggerlugs".

The term "dickhead" is still allowed, however.

In Western Australia it is illegal to crush beer cans between your breasts in the pub. In 2007, a 31-year-old barmaid working at the Premier Hotel in Pinjarra was fined $1000 for twice crushing beer cans between her breasts, and her boss was fined $1000 for failing to stop her.

In Brisbane, residents who don't sweep the footpath outside their homes every day before 8.30am can be slapped with a $5000 fine.

The same legislation makes it illegal to sleep in your car and anyone who spits on the street can be fined $5000.

You can't smoke, you can't ride a bike without a helmet, you can't get drunk in a pub, you can't drink a shot after midnight, you can't get your kit off at A Bay, you can't have a drink in the park, you can't have a party in your street, you can't walk your dog on the beach and in some spots you need a permit for picnic.

Our politicians spend plenty of time thinking up new laws for us to abide by, maybe they should try doing the opposite.