I see the current result as a protest vote of the highest order.
I see the current result as a protest vote of the highest order. Scottie Symonds

MY SAY: Election message falls on deaf ears

WELL we've seen what we may have all suspected for some time play out in front of our eyes.

While the two major parties continue to push for the numbers to govern in their own right, it seems the realisation is yet to dawn on them that perhaps it's not the will of the people.

For too long it seems this nation has been subject to the will of either the Labor party or the Coalition.

For decades disillusionment has festered. Now it has burst.

Labor has made it very clear they intend not to deal with the Greens to form government.

Whether that remains the case the closer we get remains to be seen.

The Coalition continue to spout the need for stability, but the basis for the entire election - the need for the ABCC - looks more like a thinly veiled effort to try and stamp its authority on both houses.

What a spectacular rejection of that notion from the voting public.

I see the current result as a protest vote of the highest order.

The Australian public have made it extraordinarily clear they are jaded. The highest primary vote for minor parties and independents ever is evidence of that.

The Coalition has every right to be disappointed, but the fractures deep within that party mean much of their frustration must be directed at the mirror.

In-fighting and a huge difference in fundamental values within the conservative and progressive sides mean the time for a serious conversation about the future of the Coalition was always approaching.

In the same right, Labor cannot swan about claiming a monumental victory here. That'd be like holding a street parade for a wooden spoon.

Their primary vote was dismal and they got there on some questionable tactics to say the least.

The result is that we're staring down the barrel of the most dysfunctional government of our time.

So why is it so hard for the two major players on our political landscape to figure out what we, their bosses, desire?

The outcome here shows clearly we want accountability of government.

We want diversity and thorough assessment of legislation and policies that do not discriminate.

For mine, one of the biggest issues to address is the fracture within the Coalition.

Some serious thought must be given to why a party has to revert back to its 'core values' in times like this. Is that simply not code for crippling conservatism and control by a socially out-of-touch right-wing?

The sooner both parties get in touch with reality the better for this nation.

Hell, we may even see the rise of a fiscally responsible, socially progressive party. In the meantime we'll have to grin and bear Pauline.