Latin musician Jalberto Maldonado is looking forward to getting back on stage in Noosa.
Latin musician Jalberto Maldonado is looking forward to getting back on stage in Noosa.

Musician releases pent-up passion as gigs restart

An exotic collection of Latin musicians is primed to unleash pent-up playing passions on a sold-out Noosaville audience.

Coolum-based percussionist Jalberto Maldonado, 60, can't wait to head on stage with FlamenConbrio.

Mr Maldonado first ventured on to the Australian music scene from Venezuela with a calypso band from Trinidad to help enrich Brisbane Expo in 1988.

He was one of the soulful survivors of glory days of legendary venue the Beach Chalet in Sunrise Beach.

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His talent will be on display at The Lazy River bistro on Gympie Tce during Saturday evening and Sunday lunchtime gigs on December 12 and 13.

It will be his first shows in eight months.

"We're keen as anything, it's just been so long and people are just dying to get up there and get entertained," he said.

Singer Marina
Singer Marina "La Nena" Varney.

"This gig on the Saturday got sold out in 10 days, so I said let's open Sunday for lunch and every day the bookings are clicking in.

"I'd hoped that some people might get back into supporting the music, I was concerned, especially with the old crowd that they might be a little bit worried about coming out," Mr Maldonado said.

However his fears were allayed by a strong response to his band FlamenConbrio's comeback.

"That's fantastic, that's why we're there," Mr Maldonado said.

"Music is necessary in the community, we treat it like a luxury but music and art is necessary for keeping people healthy and happy.

"I've been around here for a good 25 years performing and promoting."

FlamenConbrio dancer Yioda Wilson takes the stage.
FlamenConbrio dancer Yioda Wilson takes the stage.

He used to plat in The Experience, including a percussionist from Bermuda, a "crazy lady from Byron Bay" called Jade and a local artist on the bass.

"When I look back we were pioneering that genre of music, that sort of vibe here with The Experience," Mr Maldonado said.

"I've been more a Latin music player but I've always dabbled in flamenco which is a Spanish genre, almost classical … the Gypsy Kings put it on the map worldwide."

He said during the terrible times of the pandemic the arts were not well funded.

Out of work artists were unable to claim JobKeeper.

"For music it was like, 'hey fend for yourself and hope you have some funds somewhere'," Mr Maldonado said.

He said the FlamenConbrio sound would soar with vocalist Marina "La Nena" Varney.

"Marina is our Colombian singer, she's almost got an operatic voice," he said.

"We're crossing this show with sort of the Cuban Buena Vista Social Club and flamenco

"We are still experimenting to get out there and get our art out there."