What murder accused and girlfriend did after Surfers death


A GOLD Coast man and his girlfriend fled Surfers Paradise after the man was allegedly involved in the stabbing murder of a Beenleigh father, a court has been told.

Kyle Jack Webb and girlfriend Amy Anne Ackerman initially went to units on Peninsular Drive after 27-year-old Beenleigh dad Raymond Harris was allegedly stabbed to death on Orchid Ave, Surfers Paradise about 9pm on Wednesday.

Ackerman and Webb then got into a car, drove to a Brisbane Hotel and checked in under their own names, the Southport Magistrates Court was told on Friday.

Webb has been charged with murder and three counts of common assault. He did not appear in court when his matter was mentioned on Friday.

His step-brother Jye Sebastian Webb-Italia and Jarod James Miller are also charged with murder and common assault.


Jarod James Miller and Jye Sebastian Webb-Italia.
Jarod James Miller and Jye Sebastian Webb-Italia.

Both their matters were mentioned in court on Thursday where they did not apply for bail.

Ackerman, who is charged with accessory after the fact of murder, applied for bail.

Ackerman's brother was allegedly part of the group Mr Harris was with when he was stabbed.

Minutes before the attack Mr Harris was seen on CCTV yelling into a phone so loudly he was asked to leave by security.

Defence lawyer Chris Schrader, of Legal Aid Queensland, told the court that Webb-Italia had been accused of making slashing motions towards Mr Harris before he collapsed.

Miller is alleged to have then punched Mr Harris while he was on the ground.

Both were armed with a knife, the court was told.

Ackerman and Zaynn Stevannes Bekker, who has also been charged with accessory after the fact of murder, are alleged to have been following close behind.

It is alleged Webb-Italia was armed with a 30cm black hunting knife which was located by police in a gutter.

Police allege that after the attack Webb, Webb-Italia and Miller followed Mr Harris' friends and assaulted one of his group.

Ms Schrader said it was alleged Webb said to Webb-Italia and Miller: "Don't start this c***," and "not him, not him."

Ackerman allegedly walked away while the others fled down Cavil Avenue.

Webb-Italia and Miller were later arrested on top of Bruce Bishop car park at about 9.30pm.

Mr Schrader said it was not clear that Ackerman knew Webb had been involved in the incident and whether the pair knew how serious the alleged attack was.

Mr Schrader said there was no act of deceit when the pair checked into the Brisbane hotel.

"They check in under their own names," he said.

Mr Schrader told the court Ackerman had no criminal history and had recently been accepted into a nursing course at university.

Magistrate Grace Kahlert granted Ackerman bail.

She said she took into account that it could be a lengthy period before the case was finalised.

Bail conditions include that Ackerman report once a week to police and surrender her passport.

Her matter was adjourned to October 15.

Bekker's lawyer Demi Quadrio, of Gatenby Criminal Lawyers, said she would not require her client Bekker to be brought into court for the matter to be mentioned.

She asked the matter be adjourned to October 15 as well.

Bekker's appearance will be excused on that day.



Originally published as Murder accused 'in a world of shock'