How do you rate the cleaning skills on display here?
How do you rate the cleaning skills on display here?

Mum roasts husband over his lack of cleaning skills

A MUM has roasted her husband's poor cleaning skills, saying his offer to clean the bathroom while she nursed their newborn did more harm than good.

The mum, who left the cleaning duties to her husband for eighteen months, posted pictures of the damage done to her bathroom, to a Facebook group for mum's sharing cleaning tips.

Her pictures showed extensive mould, which had covered the grout and penetrated through the silicone seal of her shower. The mould had started growing in between the two glass panels on the shower wall.

The mum said her husband had offered to do the bathroom cleaning as she nursed her newborn.

"Wondering if anyone has any advice as I think my husband has killed our shower," the woman asked.

"While I was pregnant and breastfeeding he said he would clean the bathrooms."

"Fast forward 18 months and I went to clean the shower and it looks like this," she said, followed by a confused face emoji.

"I didn't notice as I wasn't bending down there (and was too busy trying to keep our baby alive) and it turns out he didn't know you were meant to clean the seals," she said.

The woman asked for cleaning tips, but said she felt like she would probably have to replace large parts of the shower because the mould was so extensive.

"I really don't know how you're going to remove the mould if it's in-between the glass," one woman said, suggesting the mould may be too far gone.

"Nothing will move that, it's etched into the glass," one woman said, referring to it as "glass cancer".

Numerous other mums in the group suggested that bleach would "discolour" the mould but the embedded spores could not be dislodged.

"Ours was the same," one commenter said. "The shower had to go."

"I can't believe I didn't notice for so long and that he wasn't cleaning it," the mum added in another comment.