Mum confronts junkies outside home


A Melbourne mother who lives 10 minutes away from a controversial safe injecting room says she is terrified for her young son's safety after repeatedly confronting junkies shooting up outside her home.

Charlotte Spencer-Roy told Nine News drug use happens regularly in the laneway next to her East Melbourne home and that she had been physically assaulted by intravenous drug users multiple times.

In video shared with the broadcaster, Ms Spencer-Roy confronts two men who appear to be shooting up.

"Why are you choosing to inject here? This isn't the injecting room," she says.

One man replies, "Why? Because you gotta wait in a long queue there."

In another clip, the man filming tells two men to go to the nearby North Richmond injecting room, 1km away.

"It's too far, mate," one says. "I'm barred from there, I can't go in there."

Ms Spencer-Roy told Nine News her nine-year-old son Angus was traumatised, and once ran to his mum in tears after finding a man passed out in the laneway.

"He said, 'Mummy, mummy there's a dead body,'" she said.

"We're just fed up. It's really confronting and it's really scary when you've got a small child. It's a magnet. All of Victoria's drug problems have been dumped on our front doorstep."

A Victoria Police spokesperson said, "Police continue to conduct regular patrols in the East Melbourne area to detect and deter any criminal activities."


Originally published as Mum confronts junkies outside home