A GRIEVING Silkstone mother is concerned someone is stealing flowers from the graves of her two dead children.

Joy Faulks makes the fortnightly pilgrimage to her son and daughters grave site - bringing with her fresh flowers and small trinkets.

Her son, Timothy and daughter, Sarah both died within months of being born in the 80s due to medical conditions and are buried at the Warrill Park Children's Cemetery.

But Ms Faulks has noticed recently her flowers have been disappearing.

"I come and see then every 2-3 weeks as it is my way of grieving," she said.

"This is not just a once off - it has been happening for years.

"They do not seem to touch anyone else's flowers . . . just mine."

Ms Faulks said she placed satin flowers on her daughter's grave to mark her birthday - but those also went missing.

"I wrote her name on all the petals and tied ribbons to them," she said.

"I always made a handmade birthday card to go with the flowers.

"But the next time I went to visit it was all gone - it is heartbreaking."

YOUR SAY: Flowers going missing from graves

RAW EMOTION: Joy Faulks placing flowers at her children’s grave sites.
RAW EMOTION: Joy Faulks placing flowers at her children’s grave sites. ROB WILLIAMS

The QT's Facebook users expressed similar experiences when Mrs Faulks' letter to the editor was published online.

"I have had things stolen from my father's grave. People often take the vase from my grandmother's headstone to use on another grave - It makes me so angry," said Sharon Broad.

"The same thing happens to me. My grandad was laid to rest there and the flowers always go missing," said Karissa Pacey.

"It so very sad that the people who take items from the grave want to feel like they are honouring the memory of their loved family member or friend with stolen items," said Debbie Mac.

Ipswich City Council, who own the cemetery but do not operate it, said it was rare an issue like this arose.

A council spokesman said there were guidelines in place surrounding flowers, ornaments and vases, but they are not strictly enforced.

He said if the need arose where guidelines needed to be enforced it is done in a sensitive and compassionate manner.