A Palmwoods mother is calling for safety upgrades to prevent any more accidents like this one on Chevallum Rd.
A Palmwoods mother is calling for safety upgrades to prevent any more accidents like this one on Chevallum Rd.

Mum begs for upgrades on ‘dangerous’ intersections

A Palmwoods mother is begging authorities to upgrade several intersections in the bustling hinterland town "before lives are lost".

Jocelyn Anderson started a petition as a last-ditch effort to improve safety in what she says is a life or death situation.

The mother of two wants local and state governments to stop passing the buck and fix the intersections at Chevallum Rd and Jubilee Dr/ Margaret St as well as the Churchill and Dunning St intersections onto Palmwoods-Montville Rd.

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Ms Anderson started the petition two weeks ago and has already amassed almost 700 signatures.

"I was really surprised with how many people have got behind it actually and all the messages of near misses, family won't even come to visit them out here, people are really scared," Ms Anderson said.

She said she was spurred on to start the action after witnessing the many near misses near the Jubilee Dr intersection.

"It is just a death trap," she said.

"They desperately need some traffic lights or even a diversion of traffic to alleviate the problems."

Ms Anderson said there was no way the elderly, the disabled or children could cross the roads safely.

"There were two car accidents underneath the bridge last week and a motorbike rider came off."

Ms Anderson said she had contacted all levels of government to discuss the problem but hadn't had much luck.

"I've written numerous letters to our local councillor Winston Johnston and Rob Skelton, all of which just keep passing the buck," she said.

"There are several bodies involved in maintaining the roads out here, we've got the Department of Transport and Main Roads, local council and Queensland Rail."

On February 24, Mr Johnston emailed Ms Anderson saying the council had no control or influence regarding upgrades to the roads, streets and intersections mentioned in her email.

"All are owned, controlled and maintained by the Department of Transport and Main Roads," he wrote.

"Whilst I would like to assist, in this case I am obliged to forward your email to Rob Skelton MP, Member for Nicklin who will respond to you direct."

When asked by the Daily Mr Skelton said he was advised that the intersection in question was a council responsibility.

"But I'm always happy to take up any concerns with the relevant authorities."

A Sunshine Coast Council spokeswoman said modifications to Woombye-Palmwoods Rd and Margaret St were under the control of the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

"Changes to Chevallum Rd and Woombye-Palmwoods are also under the jurisdiction of the Department of Transport and Main Roads," she wrote.

"Council controls the side streets (Jubilee Dr, Churchill St, Dunning St), however the point at which these streets intersect with the state road network is where they become a Department of Transport and Main Roads responsibility."

A Transport and Main Roads spokesman said they had received Ms Anderson's petition and were investigating options for improved safety in the Palmwoods Village area.

"The shopping centre development application did not formally trigger a Transport and Main Roads assessment as the Sunshine Coast Council was the assessment manager," the spokesman said.

"While council sought some advice from Transport and Main Roads during the assessment, Sunshine Coast Council was responsible for approving and conditioning this development."

Ms Anderson said she has been inundated with community response since posting the petition.

"People have contacted me that are now living with lifelong injuries from being involved in a car crash at the Jubilee Dr intersection," she said.

She said she just wanted to see action.

"I've seen on the council website that they've actually drawn up plans to put road calming in Palmwoods," she said.

"The proposal has been to put road calming in … just to slow traffic and that's proposed to come from the police station all the way down to the Jubilee Dr intersection."

The concerned parent said she would also like to see roundabouts put in.

"There's some really deadly intersections on the other side of town, which is the Dunning St and Churchill St (intersection)," she said.

"I really think if they put roundabouts in there that alone is going to slow the traffic coming through the town and make all of those intersections safer to cross because cars won't be going at speed."

More information on Ms Anderson's petition is available here.