MP warns 'avoid Brisbane' during 'dangerous' G20

A DARLING Downs MP has warned his constituents to stay out of Brisbane during the G20 because of a "very great personal danger" posed by the event.

Member for Condamine Ray Hopper used his regular column in the Clifton Courier newspaper to urge people to "avoid … Brisbane City and surrounds", saying "the threat of terrorism is ever with us", especially during the G20.

"… I am more concerned about the welfare of our own people whose daily lives will be disrupted and possibly at very great personal danger to themselves," the Katter Australia Party MP wrote.

"If you have family or friends who live in the city, I advise strongly that you invite them out to stay with you over this time …."

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Mr Hopper said living in regional Queensland had its "security benefits".

He labelled the G20 a "Campbell Newman promotion held at taxpayers' expense".