BUSMAN'S HOLIDAY: A holiday bus driver's view of Noosa in the peak period at Noosa Parade.
BUSMAN'S HOLIDAY: A holiday bus driver's view of Noosa in the peak period at Noosa Parade. Alan Lander

More than 200,000 used buses

FULL passenger figures on Noosa's holiday bus service have now shown more than 200,000 used the buses between the December 15 start and Monday, January 28.

And numbers for the 11-day peak between December 26 and January 5 are nearly 20,000 up on last year, at 64,506 passengers.

It's a stunning endorsement of the service, which this year was expanded to take in a bulk of the festive season period.

More in-depth research of the numbers and responses to a passenger survey was ongoing.

"We're tallying the final numbers, but it's clear that a great many people enjoyed the free bus service, and by doing so helped to reduce traffic and parking demand,” Mayor Tony Wellington said.

"Survey results have shown that nine out of 10 people who caught the free buses said they were satisfied or highly satisfied with the service.”

Hastings Street Association's Jan Sinclair said the organisation welcomed the Go Noosa trials, including the extended free bus services.

"While we've yet to seek formal feedback from traders, it's fair to say the word on the street has generally been positive,” she said.

Noosa Junction Traders Association President Michael Tozer said his association supported park-and-ride and free bus initiatives, as the precinct benefited by way of greater exposure.

More than 1000 people logged on to the Go Noosa app which gave real-time information on parking availability, while all bus stops had holiday timetables posted.

Noosa Junction was the most-favoured location for park-and-ride to the Hastings Street bus interchange, itself only metres from the beach.

The mayor said council consider the findings in February as part of planning for the 2019/20 season.