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Monty Python gang refuse to retire

THE 'Monty Python' stars will only retire when they die.

The comedy troupe's five remaining members have no plans to quit showbiz altogether once their 10 'Monty Python Live (Mostly): One Down, Five To Go' live show dates at London's O2 Arena come to an end on July 20 and plan to keep going for as long as physically possible.

Asked whether they were retiring, Michael Palin said: "Not at all. We're retiring from Python so we can enjoy the rest of our lives. We are not retiring; we're just carrying on working until we drop."

John Cleese added: "We're all going to go in very different directions."

The septuagenarian gang might only have had two weeks of intense rehearsals for their reunion show, but they have put in months of physical training to get into shape.

Eric Idle explained: "I've been hiking for three months because I know stamina's the one thing you can't fake, so I've been preparing myself physically [to last] the 10 nights."

Michael added: "The opening number is quite energetic, we leap around and it sets the standard. I'm worn out after the first few minutes. [Much like] Mick Jagger, we can still move fast around the stage, the madness takes over."

However, Terry Jones has been more laid back about the whole process.

He joked: "I've not been drinking for about a week."

John chimed in: "When the show's finished Eric goes on to do the technical stuff, but we go home. So I've prepare for it by sleeping more."

The stars also reminisced about the last time they performed live together decades ago.

Eric laughed: "All the audience was smoking marijuana, John and I went into the audience and we came out pretty high..."

Michael added: "Not sure that's going to be available at the O2. Maybe Viagra... we've all got Viagra in our dressing rooms."

Michael, John, Eric and Terry Jones were joined by Terry Gilliam at a press conference announcing the biggest live event of 2014. New tickets went on sale yesterday (30.06.14), while today (01.07.14) sees the release of the complete collection of all nine albums, 'Monty Python's Total Rubbish', by Virgin EMI Records.