Miss Universe Australia: The newly-crowned Olivia Rogers

OLIVIA Rogers, a South Australian who now lives in Melbourne, has been crowned the new Miss Universe Australia.

The 25-year-old qualified speech pathologist and artist prevailed over 31 other contestants to take over the title from Caris Tiivel at the Sofitel Melbourne on Collins.

Not since 1997, when Laura Csortan won, has the state claimed victory in the national final.

"Hope my eyes aren't too red from all that crying. I'm just in shock," Rogers said.

" I keep forgetting to breathe. It doesn't feel real.

"I have never done a pageant and never thought I would.

"I've done modelling since I was 17.

"I was a late entry.

"I was asked to do it back in December and I said no because I didn't think I could do it and the thought of walking on stage in a bikini terrified me."

Georgie Mitchell was runner up, Tahlia Giumelli was second runner up and Victorian Marijana Radmanovic was third runner up.

Rogers is writing a kids book, manages her famous dog Mooshie on Instagram and said SA would always be home.

"I moved here eight weeks ago," she said.

"Two days after the (state) final because I didn't expect to get through. That was always my plan."