Jarryd Jon Althaus, 25, was released on parole in the Maroochydore Magistrates Court.
Jarryd Jon Althaus, 25, was released on parole in the Maroochydore Magistrates Court.

Meth trafficker caught with drugs days after avoiding jail

A convicted meth trafficker was called "a stupid, stupid boy" by a magistrate for being caught with drugs only three days after he narrowly-avoided jail.

Jarryd Jon Althaus, 25, pleaded guilty to four charges in Maroochydore Magistrates Court on Friday, including possessing dangerous drugs and drug driving.

Police prosecutor Leonie Scott told the court Althaus was caught with marijuana and drug utensils on October 17 last year.

"The most aggravating feature is the timing of this offending," she said.

"The offences having occurred only three days after the defendant was sentenced to a suspended sentence for drug offences."

The court heard Althaus was given a four-year jail sentence for drug trafficking in 2014, wholly suspended for four years.

He trafficked methamphetamine, LSD, MDMA and marijuana.

"He said he regretted this offending behaviour and demonstrated that he had made lifestyle changes to avoid further offending," Sergeant Scott said.

Althaus was sentenced to nine months' jail, wholly suspended for two years on October 14, last year for supplying marijuana.

"These offences being dealt with today were committed only three days after being placed on that suspended sentence," Sgt Scott said.

"The defendant hasn't shown any real attempt of genuine effort to rehabilitate even after his Supreme Court sentence."

The court also heard Althaus was caught drug driving in Caloundra on September 28.

Althaus' lawyer Gabriel Hutchinson told the court Althaus was a carer for his mother.

"My client's offending for the drug charges are at the lower end of the scale," he said.

Mr Hutchinson told the court Althaus was caught with 1g of marijuana.

"It is the case that he was self medicating, given the significant medical issues he faces," he said.

"The severity of my client's offending is lessening on each occasion.

"Given that he started with a very serious offence of trafficking in the Supreme Court and we're now here for a matter of possession of cannabis and some utensils."

Magistrate Maxine Baldwin said Althaus never seemed to learn from his mistakes.

"Jarryd, you stupid, stupid boy," she said.

"I have no idea how someone who gets a four-year jail term is not constantly wetting his pants about the prospect of going to jail.

"You're not even a big guy - do you have any idea what goes on in jails?"

Ms Baldwin said Althaus kept wasting the opportunities he was given.

"You are on the slipperiest slope that it's almost unbelievable," she said.

"The time has come for you to face the music."

Ms Baldwin activated the nine-month suspended sentence, with an immediate parole release date.

She also placed Althaus on probation for two years and disqualified him from driving for six months, with a $350 fine.

A conviction was recorded.