Metal cylinder's green leafy bud and "trip of LSD"

IPSWICH police found something interesting when they opened a metal cylinder during a search.

The nut and bolt metal cylinder opened by police at the Boonah home of Guy Harding was hiding LSD and other drug-related items.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Paul Caldwell told Ipswich Magistrates Court that officers went to Harding's home at 8am on January 3, found and opened a metal cylinder.

He said a bud of green leafy material was found.

Harding said he was not aware the leafy material had been there.

The container also held a clip seal bag and inside was a cardboard square.

Harding said he believed the square held "a trip of LSD".

Sgt Caldwell said used clip seal bags and used straws were also found with Harding saying the bags had held methamphetamine and the straws used to take the drug.

Harding, 30, pleaded guilty to two counts of possession of dangerous drugs; and possession of property suspected of having been used in a drug offence.

He was convicted and fined $600 - sent to SPER.