Shirley Hinds won first and second with her family recipes of lemon butter.
Shirley Hinds won first and second with her family recipes of lemon butter. Amber Macpherson

Memories and secret recipes: Shirley Hinds a true blue local

WHEN life gives Shirley Hinds lemons, she makes award-winning lemon butter.

The lifelong hinterland resident won first and second place at the Noosa Country Show last month, using recipes passed down through two generations.

"It's a family secret, I enter my lemon butter every year," Mrs Hinds said.

You would be hard-pressed to find a woman more local than Mrs Hinds.

Growing up on a farm in Kin Kin, Mrs Hinds enters in the Noosa Show cooking competitions every year, paying homage to her mother and grandmother who were "wonderful cooks".

"We all had our jobs (on the farm)," Mrs Hinds said.

"We milked jersey cows. I used to put the milk in the drum, the cream cans used to sit on the back of a slide on a horse that we'd walk in to town.

"My mother was a beautiful cook. We had a party every Wednesday night and we'd invite all of the neighbours around.

"My sister played the piano and I'd play the steel guitar, and my mother would make six sponge cakes for supper. We'd all dance on the veranda."

After the sudden death of her brother and her two sisters marrying, the family farm was sold and Mrs Hinds was sent to Gympie to learn home economics.

She said that was where she honed her baking skills and later began a business baking and selling wedding cakes, even sending one to a 200-guest wedding in Singapore.

Mrs Hinds married Errol and moved to Pomona 40 years ago, where she lives now with her husband.

Mr Hinds was a builder, and they both taught ballroom dancing classes to adults and children.

"It's been a lovely challenge (baking)," Mrs Hinds said.

"I've just had all the girls come to see me, I made some pikelets and we ate them with my lemon butter."