With tensions still high in the US, Melania Trump has copped a wave of criticism for #BeBest - an initiative she spearheaded during her tenure as First Lady of the United States.

The campaign - a childhood wellbeing project aimed at addressing opioid addiction, foster care, cyber-bullying and more - has drawn to a close as Melania sees out her final days as FLOTUS.

In a tweet farewelling the project and encouraging Americans to live out the campaign's ideals, Melania copped a heavy a dose of reality as people pointed out the sheer hypocrisy.

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"We must continue to give a voice to our Nation's children and the issues that impact their lives," she wrote.
"It's the values & spirit of the American people that inspired Be Best and it's those values that will carry on its mission."

Her tweet, however well-intentioned, quickly drew criticism from social media users who claimed President Donald Trump was the 'greatest bully on the planet'.

"You have been married to the greatest bully on the planet, who you watched publicly and perpetually harass people on social media to such a degree that millions were physically and emotionally traumatised, and many died," one wrote.

"It will be a joy to watch you leave."

Other users replied to the tweet with pictures of the gallows built by Trump supporters on the day they stormed the capitol building.

There were also mentions of overlapping timelines between Melania's #BeBest campaign and her husband's pledge to oversee the separation of immigrant children from their families at the US-Mexico border.


"You haven't even condemned your husband for inciting these insurrectionists," wrote one user. Picture: Twitter

It comes on the heels of Jill Biden's announcement yesterday, a little less than a week before she will officially be installed in the East Wing, that she will revive an old initiative from her time as second lady, Joining Forces.

The Joining Forces program, which Biden originally launched alongside then first lady Michelle Obama in 2011, focuses on education, employment, and wellbeing support from the private and public sectors for military families.

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Another referred to the campaign as
Another referred to the campaign as "the most hypocritical farce". Picture: Twitter