Man who threatened to chop off heads sent to jail

A MAN who stormed into a house wielding a meat cleaver while screaming "I'm going to chop your head off" has been sentenced to prison.

Gayndah man Brett John Porter, 46, was jailed for 24 months on Friday after pleading guilty to two counts of assault.

The Maryborough District Court heard he went to the Gayndah house on the night of November 1 with the intention of "scaring" two men he claimed had been selling drugs to his stepson.

He ended up giving them more than just a scare - he lunged at one of the men, aged 51, with the cleaver and held it up against the neck of the other, aged 42.

The 42-year-old eventually managed to wrestle the cleaver out of Porter's grip - but not before being head butted.

"(Porter) has a significant history of violence," prosecutor Clare Kelly said.

Porter, who has spent most of his adult life in prison, was on a two-year suspended sentence at the time.

Judge Hugh Botting sentenced Porter to 18 months for assault occasioning bodily harm, six months for common assault and ordered him to serve the remaining 220 days of his suspended sentence.

Judge Botting declared 189 days in remand as time served and set parole release for September 1.