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Matthew Perry to star in own West End play

MATTHEW Perry is set to star on London's West End in a production he's penned himself.

The 'Friends' star has announced his play 'The End of Longing', which he wrote in just 10 days, will hit the theatre district in the British capital from February 2 until May 14.

Speaking in a video posted to his Twitter account, he said: "I've written a play called 'The End of Longing,' which I'm very excited about. I will also be starring in the play so I'm very narcissistic. It's about 12 years since I performed in a play in the West End so I'm very excited for my come back."

But, despite feeling excited about his venture, the star is anxious about taking to the stage at the Playhouse Theatre because he believes it'll leave him "naked" to scrutiny.

He said: "Being on stage makes you feel naked.

"Being on stage in a play that I have written will make me feel doubly naked. So if you'd like to see me doubly naked, tickets go on sale today."

The play will be directed by Lindsey Posner, who previously worked with Matthew in 2003 on the West End production of David Mamet's 'Sexual Perversity in Chicago'.

Matthew has remained tight-lipped on his screenplay but recently admitted it's set in Los Angeles and based on "a drunk, a prostitute, and a woman who's extremely neurotic and addicted to antidepressants, and a simpleton".

He told the Daily Mail newspaper: "When we meet them in a bar in Los Angeles, they're pretty severely broken, and they set off on a path to be less broken."

Rehearsals for the production are set to kick off in January but the cast is yet to be announced.