GOOD IDEA? The Noosa Marina pontoon section at the rear may make way for a deck and outdoor dining.
GOOD IDEA? The Noosa Marina pontoon section at the rear may make way for a deck and outdoor dining. Contributed

Marina restaurants missing out on best views, mayor says

ONE of Noosa's design quandaries - why does the Noosa Marina look mostly inward and turn its back on some of the best river views in town - has been raised by Mayor Tony Wellington.

And the mayor may have just opened the door to discussions that could see north-facing outdoor dining on a large new deck, by successfully deferring a decision on the development application to council.

Noosa Council's staff want to refuse the Quadrant Holdings application for a 59m long deck, which extends out between 6m to 7.8m, on the river where there is currently a pontoon.

Staff said the proposed deck did not comply with the Noosa Plan's watercourses guidelines and the proposed development would reduce the marine uses of the site and intensify the commercial uses by increasing the available deck areas within the marina.

"The proposed deck adds a substantial area and additional built form on the Noosa River is likely to increase traffic volumes on adjoining lands and there are insufficient parking facilities available in the area," the report to councillors said.

Quadrant has told the council the works will "provide improved facilities for existing site uses" and the deck "as prescribed tidal works does not convey any additional commercial use rights or activity".

And the applicant argues it would not reduce marine activities as "the water is just too shallow to moor boats (at the pontoon) during all tide levels".

Cr Wellington said the applicant had suggested to council there was no intention for those eateries to expand on to the deck.

"However, my concern is that even if the current tenants weren't interested in that, this is a north-facing deck with the best view from the marina," he said.

"I can't imagine why you'd have a restaurant there with that great big deck and not want to use it, particularly in winter being north-facing.

"I believe although the current (staff) recommendation is for a refusal, I believe we should look more closely at this.

"I think it does have the potential to both invigorate the marina and businesses operating from the marina."