Aaron Carl Leonard was handed a suspended jail sentence in Caloundra Magistrates Court on Tuesday.
Aaron Carl Leonard was handed a suspended jail sentence in Caloundra Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

Man who’s never held a licence can’t stay off road

A man who got his mum’s car impounded has been told by a magistrate he’ll behind bars instead of at his wedding next year if he keeps driving without a licence.

Police prosecutor Bonita Pienaar told Caloundra Magistrates Court police were conducting patrols on August 27 at 4.30pm.

They intercepted Aaron Carl Leonard at Currimundi Rd, Currimundi, for a licence check and roadside breath test.

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“The defendant stated he did not have a licence and that he has never had a licence,” Constable Pienaar said.

The court heard Leonard had been convicted for five driving while unlicensed charges on his history.

Leonard’s lawyer John Gould told the court Leonard had been travelling to Kawana to look at wedding rings for his partner.

The court heard Leonard was driving his mother’s car which then got impounded.

“He said he realises after paying all the fines on his history he could have bought a car and had a licence,” Mr Gould said.

The court heard Leonard had some literacy issues which prevented him from sitting the drivers test.

Leonard pleaded guilty in Caloundra Magistrates Court on Tuesday to driving without a licence.

Magistrate Stephanie Tonkin said Leonard wasn’t getting the message that if he wanted to drive a car, he needed to have a licence.

“He might not be going to his wedding next year, he might be going to jail if he keeps this up,” she said.

“It’d be very tragic to have a 27-year-old behind bars because of his driving.”

Ms Tonkin said his mum would not have been impressed that her car got impounded.

Leonard told the court his mum had to catch a bus to work for the week.

“It would have been cheaper for you to get an Uber or a stretch limo up to the jewellery shop on this occasion,” Ms Tonkin said.

“You’ve obviously taken no notice of the fines, they’ve made very little impression on you.”

Ms Tonkin said she had no other choice but to hand down a jail sentence.

She sentenced Leonard to three months jail, wholly suspended for one year.

He was also disqualified from driving for six months.

A conviction was recorded.