Ipswich man throws brick through partner's car window

A MIDDLE-AGED man threw a brick through his partner's car window in a tit-for-tat response after she rammed his car.

At Ipswich Magistrates Court, Garry Lee Gaeta (pictured) pleaded guilty to one count of wilful damage.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Chris O'Neill said Gaeta threw the brick after an argument flared up between the couple.

The woman had attempted to leave Gaeta's house in her car, but was stopped by the 44-year-old who stood behind her vehicle to prevent her escape.

Gaeta yelled abuse at the woman and ordered her to get out of the vehicle.

He then placed two large bricks behind the rear tyres to stop it from moving.

The woman warned Gaeta she would ram his car, which was parked in front of her, if he didn't move the bricks.

When Gaeta refused, she carried out her threat.

Gaeta reacted by picking up a brick and smashing it through the passenger side window of the woman's car.

Police were called to the Ipswich address and Gaeta was arrested. The incident took place on August 22 about 12.30am.

At court, Gaeta claimed he put the bricks behind the tyres after his car was rammed so police could see what had happened.

"She's damaged my car before and keeps getting away with it," he said. "If she wants to run her car into mine, I'll run a brick through her window."

Magistrate Stuart Shearer told Gaeta his behaviour had been simply "immature".

"Adults are supposed to be able to control themselves," he said. "If you can't control yourself voluntarily, then you will be controlled involuntarily by the State courts."

Gaeta was convicted and fined $800.