Man's threats to terrified woman before cops shot him dead


A 27-year-old man is dead after being shot by police who were called to a domestic violence incident north of Brisbane overnight, with neighbours describing the horror that unfolded and reporting how an injured woman was seen running door to door begging for help.

Residents say the man who lived on the street slashed the legs of a woman known to him, before police were called to the scene, where they later fatally shot the man.

The Queensland Police Service says officers were called to a "violent disturbance between a man and woman" at Dakabin, north of Brisbane, just after midnight.

Police say the man at the Surround St address was armed with knives and confronted officers when they arrived.

"One officer deployed their taser but it was ineffective, as a result a number of shots were fired, striking the man," a statement said.

One neighbour told how she heard the man screaming "get out of that house" at the terrified woman as she sought refuge from his attack at the house next door.

"Just after midnight I heard a lot of screaming from a female and a lot of verbal abuse from a male, a lot of threatening… calling her all sorts of names (like) mutt, dog, and all sorts of abuse," Freda Alesana said.

"(The injured woman) ran across the road, then I heard the lady across the road say "come here love, I'll call the police.

"I could hear the man calling out to her, 'get out of that house'."

A man has died of his injuries after being tasered and shot by police following an incident north of Brisbane overnight. Picture: 9 News
A man has died of his injuries after being tasered and shot by police following an incident north of Brisbane overnight. Picture: 9 News

Mrs Alesana said she didn't know her neighbours well, however would often hear fights coming from the house.

"All I know about them, (is) that they would have arguments a lot. In the last couple of weeks, it started to get more, they were starting to argue more… A lot of yelling and screaming, it was always usually the man though yelling at the lady."

Other neighbours also reported seeing the woman running door to door begging for help.

Patrick Ivison, who lives a few houses down from the incident, said he'd heard loud yelling and several "bangs" before he later opened the door to see a body lying on the side of the road.

"The doorbell rang at 1am and police were there wanting to talk to me, and when I looked just down the street I saw a body," he said.

"I didn't realise anything serious had happened when I heard the loud bangs, I thought maybe it was just people still carrying on from last night's boxing match. But when the doorbell rang I realised something more was happening."

According to Mr Ivison, neighbours from a nearby house took the injured woman in and kept the man, who was allegedly armed with multiple knives, out.

"(The couple) took the lady in and they called police," Mr Ivison said.

"They took her into their home and locked the man out. He was banging on the door and apparently was so angry, screaming and kicking the door. Luckily the security door kept him out."

Neighbours later told Mr Ivison they'd heard knocks at the door from the injured woman, who made desperate attempts to escape her attacker.

Detective Superintendent Tony Fleming said officers made every attempt to negotiate with the man before they were forced to fire their gun.

"Police engaged with the man who we will allege was aggressive and armed with knives" he said.

"Police attempted to negotiate with the man.

"It is my understanding police attempted to deploy a taser, but it's my understanding that had no affect. Unfortunately police were forced to discharge their firearms and a number of shots entered the man who fell to the ground."

Det Supt Fleming said medical care was immediately applied, however the man did not survive.

A crime scene has been declared and investigations are continuing.

A report is being prepared for the coroner.

Police have said anyone with footage of the incident should contact them.