Man reoffended days after being released on parole

WITHIN two weeks of being released on parole from the Supreme Court in ­Rockhampton, Lesley John Harris was back in prison after returning to his old ways.

Harris, 34, was sentenced in Rockhampton District Court on January 14 for one count of supplying a dangerous drug and two of possessing dangerous drugs.

Judge Michael Burnett said this offending by Harris showed he was a recidivist ­offender with wanton disregard of the law.

Harris was sentenced ­December 11, 2018, over ­charges that arose from a raid on his home on February 7, 2018, including possessing a dangerous drug in excess of two grams.

During the raid in February, police found 3.176 grams of methamphetamines, $2875 cash, a cryovac machine, bags, scales, bongs and pipes.

At the time, Justice Graeme Crow ­sentenced Harris to an 18-month prison term, ­declared 160 days presentence custody and gave him ­immediate release on parole.

This week, the court heard Harris supplied half a ball of methamphetamines on ­December 14, with the evidence in messages found on his phone when police raided his house again on December 20.

Police also round one gram of meth in three bags and 34g of marijuana in three clip seal bags.

A co-accused arrested as a result of the same police raid is yet to be sentenced for their offences.

Judge Burnett said Harris's criminal history dated back to when Harris was 18 or 19 years old and contained mainly street level offences until 2016.

He said after 2016, Harris carried out "very serious offending".

Judge Burnett sentenced Harris to another 18-month prison term with immediate parole.

However Harris was ­remanded in custody as he is due to be sentenced in ­Rockhampton Magistrates Court today in relation to other matters.