Man allegedly bashed, vintage car damaged in roadside attack

POLICE are calling for witnesses after a bizarre roadside incident south of Innisfail where a man was allegedly assaulted and his vintage car smashed and damaged.

It is alleged a man driving his distinctive 1962 yellow Dodge Phoenix stopped at an intersection of the Bruce Highway and River Ave at Mighell to speak to a man he knew about 1.15pm last Friday.

The pedestrian, alleged to be a 36-year-old local man, grabbed the driver and threw him on the ground and threatened to assault him.

He then allegedly demanded the keys and when the driver refused he smashed the front windscreen, damaged the roof, bonnet and other panels and mirrors by kicking, punching and jumping up and down on the vehicle.

He was located by police a short distance away and taken to the Innisfail watch house before being charged with assault occasioning bodily hard, wilful damage and unlawful entry of vehicle.

The man was scheduled to appear in the Innisfail Magistrates Court on Monday.

Police have called for anyone who witnessed the damage being done to the vehicle or may have relevant dashcam footage to contact police and quote reference number QP2002099252.

Originally published as Man allegedly bashed, vintage car damaged in wild roadside attack