SHIFT YOUR MINDSET: Make lifestyle choices that support your body's natural ability to express health.
SHIFT YOUR MINDSET: Make lifestyle choices that support your body's natural ability to express health. Thinkstock

Make health changes now

THE old adage "if it ain't broke, don't fix it” can be damaging, especially in regard to your health.

Waiting for disease to appear before making lifestyle changes is akin to installing a smoke alarm after the fire has destroyed the building.

Rather than awaiting symptoms then attempting to treat them, shift your mindset toward implementing lifestyle choices that support your body's natural ability to express health.

Many of today's chronic diseases and ailments are the result of years of choices that run contrary to the needs of the human body, a large factor being the sedentary lifestyle of our society.

What the science tells us is that a mobile spine is a vital component of a healthy brain. Movement, especially of the spine, acts as a "nutrient” for your brain.

Without regular exercise and moving your spine through its full range of motion on a daily basis, you are effectively "starving” your brain and reducing your health capacity.

Of similar importance to eating enough fresh fruits and vegetables is the quality of those foods (e.g. fresh versus canned). The same runs true for the quality of movement of your spine.

Dysfunctional or restricted movement of the joints in the spine may affect the function of your brain. Such dysfunctions can be present with or without pain.

When a spinal joint begins to lose its normal movement it can act as a stress load upon your brain, increasing the production of inflammation and stress hormones in your body.

If your body is in a stressed state for extended periods, issues like fatigue and low immunity can occur.

Research shows that chiropractic adjustments to dysfunctional spinal joints affects the part of the brain that coordinates behaviour, decision-making, memory, processing of pain and the emotional response to it.

To be clear, chiropractic is not the magic bullet for your health; spinal joint issues are not the sole cause of stress within the brain and body but rather a contributing factor. Your level of health depends upon multiple factors, including a highly nutritious way of eating, a positive mindset, regular exercise and adequate sunlight and fresh air.

Can we say that a combination of these factors is enough to treat or cure disease? Perhaps not.

Can we say that eating ample vegetables, a positive mindset and taking steps to increase both the amount and quality of movement through exercise and chiropractic is beneficial? This would be hard to argue against.

I invite to you to shift your mindset from asking "will this food, supplement or activity cure my condition?” to asking "how will this food, supplement or activity assist my ability to heal and express health?”.

Dr James MacKay is a chiropractor at HealthGuard Wellness, Toowoomba and a member of the Chiropractors' Association of Australia.