UPDATE 4:30PM: A man has been taken into custody following an emergency situation in Toogoolawah this morning.

At 9.15am police attended an address in Bellambi St, Toogoolawah to speak to a man in relation to an alleged robbery with violence in Ipswich earlier that day.

A declaration under the PSPA was issued a short time later and police established an exclusion zone 500 meters around the dwelling.

At 4pm police located and arrested the man in bushland who is now assisting police with their inquiries.

No one was injured during the incident.

Police would like to thank members of the public for their patience while the matter was being resolved.


UPDATE 2.30PM: POLICE in balaclavas and helmets have arrived at the scene of a stand-off involving the suspect in an alleged armed car jacking at Toogoolawah.

Nearby resident Matt Hewitt said several vans carrying the police arrived near Bellambi St about 2.30pm.

Mr Hewitt said the heavily armed police were speaking with uniformed officers at the scene.

"They also had a megaphone out earlier but I don't believe they have used it yet," Mr Hewitt said.

Police have sent negotiators in and have formed a cordon around a house on Bellambi St following reports of an attempted car jacking at nearby Drem St about 9am.

A woman was taken into custody a short time later, but a man fled the scene and went to ground in the house a short time later.

Police believe the man is armed.


UPDATE 1.30PM: A TOOGOOLAWAH resident has described seeing police armed with assault rifles in his street this morning following an attempted car jacking.

Matt Hewitt said he first noticed police surrounding a house across the road from him about 10.30am - about 90 minutes after the alleged attempted car jacking in Drem St.

Police surrounded a house on nearby Bellambi St, following a report from a resident that a man was seen going to ground inside.

"There's an ambulance right in front of my house right now," Mr Hewitt told the QT.

"From 10.30am more and more police started turning up. Everyone was putting on bullet-proof vests and there were a couple of guys with what looked like assault rifles."

Police believe the man inside the house is armed, following the alleged armed attempted car jacking earlier in the day.

Negotiators have been sent to the street and police have formed a cordon.

Both the state school and high school have been placed into lock down as a precaution.

The primary school is only a few hundred metres from the house in question.

"Nothing like this ever happens in Toogoolawah," Mr Hewitt said.

"You only ever see it on the news."



IPSWICH police have declared an emergency situation and have cordoned off an area surrounding a house in Toogoolawah, where an armed man is believed to be hiding.

An attempted car jacking was reported on Drem St, Toogoolawah about 9am this morning.

At around 9.15am police attended an address in Bellambi Street, Toogoolawah to speak to a man.

Police arrested a female suspect in relation to the alleged offence a short time later.

Information was then received that a male suspect had gone to ground in a residence in nearby Bellambi St.

Police fear the man is armed and negotiators are on scene.

Multiple crews have been called to the scene from the Ipswich district.

Police say they are yet to have any verbal contact with the man.

A PSPA has been declared and police have established an exclusion zone 500 meters around the dwelling  and cordons at the intersections of Gunyah St and Drem St and at Bellambi St and Drem St.

Police urge local residents to avoid the area where possible or shelter in place and follow police instructions.


EARLIER: POLICE have swarmed on the scene of an alleged armed car jacking this morning.

The QT understands an attempt was made to steal a vehicle from a driver at Drem St, Toogoolawah, about 9am.

Police say a firearm was used in the commission of the offence, however the offenders fled the scene empty handed.

One person is in custody, with efforts under way to locate a second suspect, understood to be a male.

Nobody was injured in the attempted car jacking.

Police say all available crews and a negotiator have been called to the area.