Madeleine scores OP1 despite juggling 2 part-time jobs

MADELEINE Johnston - who juggled two part-time jobs throughout her final year - was shocked but extremely happy when she found out she'd scored an OP1.

"I stayed up until midnight to find out my result and in the last half an hour I was pretty nervous," she said.

"All of my siblings have got between OP 1 and 2 so if I hadn't done well I wouldn't have heard the end of it."

For Madeleine's final year she studied biology, chemistry, maths B and C, drama and English.

Although Madeleine didn't find the exams easy, she said she felt comfortable because of all the hard work she had put in earlier in the year.

With this brilliant result in hand Madeleine plans to head off next year to University Queensland to study physiotherapy.

"I'm just really happy with the result and for a lot of my friends who did well, too," she said.