NATURALLY GOOD: Some of the James St Organics range.
NATURALLY GOOD: Some of the James St Organics range. Justin Nicholas / www.atmosphere

Lucy's idea for a skincare range grows organically

LUCY Cloonan - the name behind James St Organics - has always had a passion for organic living.

As well as sourcing local organic food for her family in Noosa, she had been using natural, organic cream-based moisturisers.

"But I found my skin was always dry and I wasn't sure why,” she said.

"I then did some of my own research and learnt that cream-based moisturisers are like a wax barrier over the skin, leaving it unable to balance its own natural oils.

"So the skin can end up too dry or too oily.

"This led me to try using cold-pressed oils instead of moisturisers and creams, such as argan oil, evening primrose oil, pumpkin oil, macadamia oil, kiwi oil, rosehip and many more.

"The beauty is that I have never looked back. No more dry skin for me.”

Realising that many more people could benefit from these products, Lucy developed the idea for a skincare range using certified organic ingredients.

While Lucy has worked in the health and fitness industry for 17 years as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and CHEK Institute holistic lifestyle coach, it was her desire to offer products that really provided more that saw the birth of James St Organics.

Developing these lines has been a learning experience for Lucy, who admits that in the beginning she had way too many products.

"We have learnt now that simpler is better so we have fewer products, most of which have multiple uses,” Lucy said.

"Plus, there is less waste and it is more economical for customers, too.

"As many of our products are oil-based, we recommend using less than you would of a traditional moisturiser and taking a little longer to massage it in because a little goes a very long way.”

Deciding on the name was a whole lot simpler because James St in Noosaville is where all the magic happens with the hand-blending and bottling of the products.

Lucy said the products only included ingredients that were proven to be effective and from natural sources.

And you don't need a science degree to read the labels.

"We use cold-pressed oils mixed with botanical extracts that are CO2 extracted - meaning no heat and no harmful solvents used so the ingredients are very active and alive,” Lucy said.

"Our products are free from preservatives, alcohol, chemicals, grains, dairy, gluten and soy and our ingredients are from certified organic sources wherever possible.”

This is information that Lucy loves to share with customers at the Eumundi Markets, admitting that she loves nothing more than a chat.

"People on the Coast love locally made products and I really enjoy helping them,” she said.

"I meet many people who, like me, have struggled with their skin and have spent a lot of money on expensive products to no avail.

"So they now use oils and, like me, have never looked back.

"Many interstate and overseas visitors to Eumundi discover our products for the first time at the market and then return to buy via our website:”

Lucy hopes to add to the comprehensive range of products she has available and to have most of them certified as organic in the next 12 months.