Loved-up couple, Nicholas Frazer, 28 and Sarina Lee Belford, 21 were caught for fraud.
Loved-up couple, Nicholas Frazer, 28 and Sarina Lee Belford, 21 were caught for fraud.

Loved-up pair’s shop spree on someone else’s cashless card

A LOVED-up couple have pleaded guilty to multiple counts of fraud after they went on a big spending spree on someone else's cashless card.

On Tuesday, Sarina Lee Belford, 21, and her partner Nicholas Frazer, 28, both pleaded guilty in the Bundaberg Magistrates Court to a string of fraud and drug-related charges.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Grant Klaassen said the defendants were given a Cashless Debit Card to use for a purchase, but went outside the scope of this as they went on a shopping spree.

Frazer racked up $819.29 worth of purchases, while Belford's bill was $676.27.

Sgt Klaassen said both defendants were also found with cannabis and methamphetamine.

The court heard Belford and Frazer lost their Centrelink benefits when they moved to Bundaberg from New South Wales, where there were plenty of jobs available.

Belford's lawyer Rian Dwyer said Belford became addicted to ice and cannabis at the age of 11 and dropped out of high school in Year 8.

Frazer's lawyer Lavonda Maloy said Frazer was diagnosed with schizophrenia as a child and the diagnosis was confirmed as an adult.

Mrs Maloy said Frazer started using speed and cannabis when he was 12.

Both lawyers acknowledged their clients had a drug court order from NSW, with warrants to be issued should they return to the state.

Addressing Belford, magistrate Andrew Moloney said she must be sick of spending time in custody.

He sentenced her to nine months jail, wholly suspended, with 79 days of pre-sentence custody counting as time served.

Mr Moloney said he would not order restitution, as "there is no way you would be able to pay it off and I think you would probably commit further offences pay it off".

Frazer was sentenced to 10 months jail, wholly suspended, with his 79 days pre-sentence custody also counting as time served.

As Frazer left the court he yelled "I love you Sarina" who was appearing via video link.