YOUR SAY: Loss of Maleny’s proud trees is sad reflection

IF YOU look along the Maleny skyline from the main street to the north, you may spot the silhouette of a tall silky oak tree (pictured).

When I moved here 22 years ago there were dozens around town - down the main street, around the cattle yards and along the Obi.

They are now all gone.

They are a beautiful tree - the flowers which are just starting to open this week to provide food for all the nectar eaters, especially the fruit bats and the lorikeets.

Today the council tried to cut this one down. One of the last mature ones in the town area.

I doubt if we can save it but I am concerned about the bats who have been coming here to feed for decades, some of which are the rare Grey-Headed Flying Fox.

I wonder what we will leave for our grandchildren? A sterile denuded urban area with nothing left of the beautiful green subtropical environment?

I hope to get council to plant several replacement silky oak trees with a view to the future, as well as plant more local native flowering street trees to provide food for our precious nectar eaters.