Standing again for Noosa Council is local businessman Patrick Lloyd.
Standing again for Noosa Council is local businessman Patrick Lloyd.

Looking to have council work for its locals

ENSURING Noosa Council works for locals and small business again is the driving force behind Patrick Lloyd’s second tilt at becoming a local councillor on March 28.

Mr Lloyd of Cooroibah runs eatery Sushi Monster in Noosaville with his wife and closed down his horse riding business Noosa Horses to concentrate on the 2020 election.

His aim if elected it to see the council “get back to basics and get the town set up for business”.

“Our third tier of government has nothing to do with declaring Climate Emergencies and destroying the Noosa brand on reality TV,” Mr Lloyd said.

“I’ve had enough of virtue signalling to special interest groups and giving millions of dollars to biosphere projects that do nothing for the broader community.

“We need to make sure that going forward we have a town where our kids can find a job.”

Mr Lloyd said local government is supposed to be about facilitating business and maintaining infrastructure and as a business owner he has “worked too hard to be undermined” by “a council that launches an assault on signage and wants to dictate who can stay in our homes (via short-stays)”.

“I’m constantly talking to people about their struggles with red tape and a lack of consistency and accountability across council departments,” he said.

“The current council has lost its way and in the process has cost the people of this town a lot of money and done a lot of damage to our image.

“The coming election is an opportunity to reset the conversation and get Noosa back on track,” Mr Lloyd said.

He said Noosa was a fun, exciting town when he was growing up “where new ideas were welcomed and people weren’t afraid to try something new”.

“The talent is still here and more than ever we’ve got the entrepreneurial spirit,” Mr Lloyd said.

“What’s missing is a council that wants to make real things happen, to help people with great ideas and to facilitate business.”

Mr Lloyd said he wants to be the “guy you can call when things just don’t make sense” and said he was a “proven local business operator with a passion for making the Noosa Council accountable to the ratepayers”.