TOUGH JOB: Karina Rune struggles to get her daughter, Sunny Rose Monie, in and out of the car.
TOUGH JOB: Karina Rune struggles to get her daughter, Sunny Rose Monie, in and out of the car. John Mccutcheon

Looking for a Sunny future with some help from friends

HER name captures her nature perfectly but not the hard road four-year-old Sunny Rose Monie has had to travel already in her young life.

Sunny has a rare chromosome disorder which causes vision and hearing impairments.

She cannot walk, talk or control her own movements.

Sunshine Butterflies Charity and Disability Service founder Leanne Walsh said Sunny is "otherwise a very happy and content little girl with a very calm and sunny disposition - just as her name indicates".

But Leanne said caring for Sunny is a full time job for her parents as she needs assistance with all her basic needs including toileting, eating, bathing and dressing.

"She has to be lifted from place to place as she cannot help with her own transportation," she said

Sunny's mother Karina Rune said lifting Sunny has become increasingly difficult and dangerous.

"She is becoming very difficult to lift and getting heavier and taller as she gets older," Karina said.

Her family is trying to raise enough funds to purchase a modified vehicle so transporting Sunny will become less stressful, safer and easier.

"There is no scheme to cover such an expensive item other than a small subsidy available through disability services, leaving the family to no other choice than to raise the funds themselves," Leanne said.

Sunshine Butterflies has developed a personal fundraising initiative to allow families to raise funds for themselves using the security of a registered charity with deductible gift endorsement.

To make a difference to Sunny's life, and to make a donation and read her appeal, visit the www.sunshine fundraising appeals page.