Full of reflection is playwright Harry Kolotas.
Full of reflection is playwright Harry Kolotas.

Look who the Cat dragged in for a win

GOING by his most recent tweets talented playwright Harry Kolotas does not treat social media like a weapon to bludgeon his critics.

He leaves that to certain dramatic presidential characters as he ponders life’s complexities amid the political pathos and the pandemic.

“I carry around with me two pieces of paper. On one is written ‘I am but dust and ashes’, on the other, ‘oh for god’s sake, Harry, lighten up’,” Harry said

Earlier this month the newly awarded winner of the Noosa Arts Theatre’s 43rd

National One Act Playwriting Competition shared this: “Emerged from hibernation and stood on a beach. Feels like we’re painstakingly reclaiming our lives. Australia’s one hundredth pandemic death happened today.

‘Any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind.’

Every death matters.”

Eventually Noosa theatre audiences will be treated to a live performance of his winning entry

‘Look At What The Cat Dragged In’.

There are number of criteria that the writers must follow including time limits the ability for their play to be performed on the Noosa Arts stage by local performers.

This year the competition attracted record entries from around Australia and New Zealand and Harry collected the coveted Eleanor Nimmo Prize of $5000.

The top 10 plays are judged by Independent Theatre professionals to decide the three finalists.

This year the other two finalists were Flight of Fancy by Robert Selzer, and ‘Will-Power’ by Roger Gimblett and all will eventually feature on stage locally.

Look What the Cat dragged In is a comedy drama about problems in a marriage.

Harry was born in London to Greek Cypriot parents; he grew up in Glasgow and migrated to Sydney.

NAT in announcing his win said: “Three of his plays have been winning finalists in international one-act play competitions.

“His short stories have been performed live at literary events and fringe festivals, his monologues aired on community radio stations and podcasted.

“He is tantalisingly close to realising his career goal of becoming Australia’s oldest emerging playwright.”

Second place went to Will Power, a comedy by Roger Gimblett which looks at opposing beliefs and how they can either destroy or be catalyst for change.

The writer, director and actor recently completed a six-year term as theatre director of Sydney’s Genesian Theatre Company.

Third place getter, Robert Selzer’s romantic comedy ‘Flight of Fancy’ is set on an interstate flight, but it’s not all smooth flying with conflicts arising. Rob won a British Theatre Challenge in 2016 and last year was runner-up in the National One Act Playwriting contest.

All performances at Noosa Arts Theatre are on hold due to COVID-19. Noosa Arts Theatre

invites directors to peruse these scripts for future performances.

For further details contact Noosa Arts Theatre on 54499343.